Nowadays, your mobile is a daily accessory, and with PDF being the most common document format, it’s no surprise that you should be able to access these files on your mobile. Many tools, like the iLovePDF app and its alternatives, can edit or merge documents on your device. Below, we’ll explore the best PDF tool and explain how you can combine PDFs with a finger tap.

What Is Merging PDFs? 

When you merge a PDF using a mobile app, you combine several fixed-format documents into one file. It consolidates separate PDFs into a streamlined document that’s easy to open and share. For example, you can consolidate rental documents into one file or combine various business documents with a PDF tool.

Why Is It Difficult to Merge PDFs Natively?

You need a specific tool, like iLovePDF or PDFplatform, to access, read, or edit a file. However, the built-in functions or apps on iOS or Android aren’t as convenient or as user-friendly as other tools. You might find navigating or combining files in a specific order more challenging. 

Best PDF Editing Tool

PDFplatform is a free web-based tool accessible on any device. The platform’s designed to be user-friendly and convenient. Merge PDF combines several documents into one. You can reorder the document with a simple tap and drag. There are also other features, like

How to Merge PDF Files on iOS or Android?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to combine several files into one document.

Step 1: Open the Browser

Access PDFplatform in your browser and tap on the “Try it for free” button in the Merge PDF block.

Merge PDF Tool

Step 2: Select Documents

Tap on the green “Select files” button, and choose the documents you want to combine on your mobile device.

Uploading Files

Step 3: Combine Files

Reorder your files into the correct sequence and complete the merging by clicking the green “Apply and download” button.

Merging Files

Final Thoughts

A mobile PDF tool allows you to combine and edit a file with another while on the go. It’s a highly convenient app on your device, requiring a tap or two to create a new document. PDFplatform is a free-to-use online tool that’s available on any device, so give it a try the next time you need to merge PDFs.


  • Yes, provided you use the correct tool, like the iLovePDF mobile app or the web-based free PDFplatform website accessible on your mobile.

  • You can use the Files app on your iOS device to combine PDFs by selecting the files and selecting the “Create PDF” option. However, this will always order the files in alphabetical order, so it’s better to use PDFplatform as it’s more convenient.

  • It’s easier to share a document than several individual files. You can also combine PDFs to create a streamlined file. For example, you may want to combine different work policies or one rental document.