With today’s dynamic lifestyle, people are always on the move, traveling from one location to the next and working on the go. Your mobile has become a large part of accessing your work no matter where you are. As such, it’s no wonder an iPhone has become adapted to complete almost any function, including filling forms and signing files. 

While you need specific tools and software to fill and sign a document, like Adobe Acrobat, it’s become as easy as a finger tap or two on the iPhone screen. You can create your signature, so it’s ready to add to any file. Read further to learn essential facts about electronic signatures, how to use a signature tool, and more.

Is It Legally Binding to Sign a PDF Digitally? 

The great thing about an electronic signature is that it’s legally binding. Electronic signatures are recognized the same as physical signatures since the software uses encryption and other security features to protect the signature. 

However, it’s important to note that although both are legally binding, there’s a big difference between electronic and digital signatures. Digital signatures use advanced encryption to ensure the signer’s identity, meaning it’s more secure. In contrast, an electronic signature is an image of the signer’s signature that you can add to a document. 

How Can You Sign PDFs Electronically?

Using tools like Adobe Acrobat, it’s possible to create a signature and sign a document on your iPhone. You can also fill in the required information or forms using online tools. Some of these tools are available online, while others can be downloaded and accessed through an app icon on the iPhone. You can add an existing image of your signature to the document, or create a new one in the software.

Best PDF Editing Tool

You can use various excellent signing tools, like Adobe Acrobat, but you’ll often need to pay a monthly subscription to use such platforms. 

PDFplatform is a free alternative that’s available as a website, accessible on any device, including iPhone. Moreover, this platform is more user-friendly than Adobe Acrobat, easy to navigate, and can be used with a simple tap of your finger. 

The Sign PDF feature provided by PDFplatform allows you to choose any PDF on your iPhone and add your signature to it. You can upload the existing file with your signature to the editor or create a signature in the CreateMySignature box to sign the document. You can also use PandaDoc Forms to create and fill in PDF forms, or add the required information. PDFplatform also offers other editing tools, like Merge, Split, Unlock, Compress, and Convert PDF.

How to Fill and Sign PDF on iPhone?

To fill and sign your PDF, start by using the free PDFplatform, which allows you to create a signature and sign your document in five easy steps.

Step 1: Access PDFplatform and the Sign feature

Open the browser on your iPhone, and enter pdfplatform.com. Tap the main menu item in the header and choose the Sign PDF tool from the list. Alternatively, scroll down the screen and tap the appropriate icon box.

PDFplatform Interface on iPhone

Step 2: Create your signature

You can create your signature by drawing or typing one out and choosing your text and color. If you’re unhappy with the result, you can undo your last stroke or delete it and start again. Download your signature, or choose the green button saying “Sign Your Document Online.”

eSignature Tool

Step 3: Choose your PDF document

Choose the document saved on your iPhone that you want to sign using the “Select file” button in the box.

Uploading a PDF Document for Adding a eSignature

Step 4: Add your signature

Add your signature to the document where needed. You can change the signature, move it around, and resize it.

Adding a Signature

Step 5: Save your signed document

Once you’re happy, use the “Save Document” button in the right corner at the top of the website. It’ll download your document to your iPhone’s downloads file folder.

Saving the eSigned Document

When you fill out a form, you follow the same steps, except using the PandaDoc Forms. You can create and fill forms, add text boxes, and more with this software.

Final Thoughts

You never know when you might need to fill and sign a document, and you don’t always have a printer nearby. Luckily, it’s easy to add your signature to any file using your iPhone without needing to download or pay for an app. PDFplatform offers a highly convenient website that allows you access to tools like Sign PDF, Edit PDF, and more. Use PDFplatform on the go anytime and anywhere from your iPhone, with PandaDoc Forms available to create and fill forms.


  • Yes, the same as your physical signature, your electronic signature is also legally binding. Courts of law and businesses accept electronic signatures as valid, which means signing any document from your iPhone is possible.

  • Various online tools and software are available to sign documents electronically, including Adobe Acrobat and PDFplatform. However, PDFplatform is free-to-use, while many others require monthly subscriptions.

  • Yes, the signing software is available on mobile devices like your iPhone. You can either use an online free tool like PDFplatform, or a mobile app with a paid subscription like Adobe Acrobat eSignatures.