Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the file type that rules them all? 


No, really: according to the latest data, PDFs are the third most popular file format, right behind HTML and XHTML, and this is partly because over 90% of the file types on Google are PDFs. This means that file types like PNG, JPEG, DOCX, PPTX, EPUB, etc., have much catching up to do. 

Compared to other document formats, PDFs also provide a number of advantages — the biggest one being that you run no risk of formatting issues when working with them. You also avail yourself of other advantages, such as the capacity to integrate multimedia information, being able to work on a secure document type that has cross-platform compatibility, and being able to view documents on a variety of devices (thus making them ideal for distribution and sharing). 

In sum, PDFs are important for any number of reasons, so it’s necessary to trust your documents with software that ensures they can be edited, converted, scanned, and merged securely. If Nitro PDF is not living up to the mark to provide all the necessary elements you need from a PDF editor, then you’re in luck — we’ve compared Nitro PDF’s top alternatives based on features, pros, cons, ease of use, cost and more in order to help you make the right pick! 

Nitro PDF Logo Why Choose Nitro PDF?

One of the main reasons Nitro PDF is considered a top choice in its category is because of its simple UI (user interface). Nitro’s consistent interface, which mirrors that of Microsoft Office, allows users to explore its products with ease once installed. Nitro’s implementation, from installation to use, is simple.

Another important factor that lures users in is the super-economical price Nitro PDF offers. Nitro also allows businesses to minimize workflow bottlenecks and empowers clients with the necessary resources to function.

Nitro PDF Website

Nitro PDF: Limitations

While we do agree that Nitro PDF is a great solution, a major limitation is its lack of regular updates. This limitation opens doors to various user-related issues, the most serious of which is security.

The outdated software presents a number of drawbacks, including not being able to access competitive features, lack of security measures, and bug issues, while charging (almost) the same prices as its competitors.

There are other issues Nitro faces, too, such as hidden files, software freezing in the middle of file conversions, conversions not formatting properly, links and images not looking the same in different document formats as they did in PDF versions. 

Top Nitro Alternatives

iLovePDF Logo iLovePDF – Alternative #1

iLovePDF may not have the most visually appealing UI, but it has all of the required functionality. 

The iLovePDF web version includes all the tools needed to effortlessly edit, convert, organize, merge, and compress files over the internet. 

More importantly, the product prioritizes the security and privacy of users and their information, which is something that is the mark of good editing software. 

iLovePDF Website

Cost: 7 USD/month; 48 USD/year.

Ease of Use: 4.7/5 as rated on GetApp

Features: 5/5 as rated on GetApp

Integration: The software allows usage of Google Drive, Dropbox, and WordPress

Platform Availability: Web version, desktop version (on Mac or Windows), and mobile version (on iOS and Android)

Free Trial:  You can get the free version, which has limited access, as a trial

iLovePDF Nitro PDF
Security Tools
Collaboration Feature 
Add watermark and images
Legally binding eSignature API  ✓ 
Document Generation and Editing
Organizing Tools
Free Service
Custom Branding

Key Features

  1. The product is secure — it adheres to the guidelines set by ISO / IEC 27001 information security standard, as well as its self-implemented information security management system standards. 
  2. Processed data is not accessed, used, analyzed, or stored by the platform or the company. 
  3. To prevent file theft, the company routinely deletes all your archives following two hours of uploading and editing.
  4. Another unique feature of iLovePDF is the ability to batch format files. Instead of working with your documents individually, you can cluster and modify all of them together.


  1. Extremely effective and simple to use.
  2. Allows editing of file sizes of up to 4 GB. 
  3. All necessary PDF editing tools available. 
  4. Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS-compatible apps are available.


  1. The software’s pricing is a significant disadvantage. Pricing begins at $7/month and increases with each tier; by comparison, for an application that provides almost the same features as its free counterpart, PDFplatform, this cost may appear frivolous.

PDFplatform Logo PDFplatform – Alternative #2

PDFplatform is a product that has all the bedrock for being the best Nitro alternative. For starters, it provides all of the necessary tools for managing PDF files, and does so without any fancy or difficult-to-understand elements. 

More importantly, its UI is structured in a way that enables users to immediately go into their toolset and begin working with precisely everything they require. It also offers a diverse set of functions for compressing, editing, converting, merging, signing, and splitting PDFs.

While the features of PDFplatform are excellent, they are also very similarly-abled PDF editors available on the internet, so, the price of the product is what distinguishes them. PDFplatform is an all-in-one free tool that makes editing and dealing with documents easier than ever before.

PDFplatform All Tools

Cost: All features are available for free

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features: 5/5

Integration: No integration available 

Platform Availability: Web based service

Free Trial: No free trial required as it’s free to use

PDFplatform Nitro PDF
Security Tools
Collaboration Feature  X
Add watermark and images X (users will soon be allowed to add media)
Legally binding eSignature API  ✓  ✓ 
Document Generation and Editing
Organizing Tools
Free Service
Custom Branding  X

Key Features

  1. Users can reorder, rotate, delete, and convert PDF pages into editable files of multiple format types. 
  2. You can also (legally) e-sign documents with ease. 
  3. It also allows users to reduce PDF file size and edit files without compromising the quality. 
  4. Other features like merging documents and splitting documents are available, too. 


  1. PDFplatform is a free editor that has many capabilities that would normally come with some type of cost. With the click of a button, you can merge, split, compress, convert, and reorder files.
  2. The app is also extremely secure to use — all your files will be erased from PDFplatform’s servers as soon as your work is done. 
  3. An additional item in the pro department is that there is no need to set up or configure anything; just upload your PDF documents in the program and begin working. 


  1. Since the product is new to the market, it hasn’t been formally reviewed by any reputable sites. Hence, we don’t know the public’s verdict on it.  

Adobe Acrobat Logo Adobe Acrobat – Alternative #3

You can trust Adobe Acrobat as your go-to PDF editor and e-signature tool. Document creation, editing, conversion, sharing, signing, and combining are all possible with Acrobat on the Adobe platform. You can create fluid online experiences that let your team work together in cohesion due to its real-time synchronization from any location and on any device. To help you complete tasks while working, Acrobat solutions are also built to integrate with other programs you use daily, such as Microsoft 365, Google, Workday, and others.

Adobe Acrobat Website

Cost: The software is priced at $12.99/month (standard)

Ease of use: 4.5/5 as rated on GetApp

Features: 4.5/5 as rated on GetApp

Integration: Integrate G Suite, CRMs, and other cloud systems and work across any system of choice with Adobe’s all-in-one editor

Platform availability: iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS 

Free Trial: 14-day free trial is provided 

Adobe Acrobat Nitro PDF
Security Tools
Collaboration Feature 
Add watermark and images
Legally binding eSignature API 
Document Generation and Editing
Organizing Tools
Free Service
Custom Branding

Key Features

  1. Get the finest viewing experience possible for any form of PDF material. 
  2. Files may be stored online, viewed, saved, and shared with anybody.
  3. You can fill out forms and add your signature digitally.
  4. Users can also send and receive comments. For example, text boxes, sticky notes, and highlights can be added. You can also distribute documents to consolidate everyone’s contributions into a single file.
  5. You can also work from just about anywhere, and you can access files on any device. (Please use the free Acrobat Reader app to access documents on a PC, tablet, or phone.)


  1. Adobe Acrobat has tools for redacting. Do you want to delete information from a file forever? The redact tool was created especially for this function, and both text and graphics can be deleted using this capability. 
  2. Utilizing Adobe Acrobat, you may check documents for conformity with accessibility standards, create accessible PDFs, and instantly generate reports with the conclusions of your inspection. 
  3. You can make documents accessible using a variety of tools included in Adobe Acrobat, even with its basic edition. However, the “Action Wizard” function that is included in the Pro version helps you and saves a ton of time and work. Using the Wizard also gives you the assurance that you have considered all the crucial components of an accessible text.


  1. The product is expensive to use. A lot of the useful tools that are essential are not available in the free version.
  2. It’s a little difficult to navigate — navigating the new version of the user interface is challenging and unpredictable.

What We Like

As we mentioned earlier, PDFs are an all-too-important file type. More importantly, they are used in a wide range of contexts, for both personal and professional use. 

For the same reason(s), you might have a list of some quality standards when you look for a PDF editor. If we had to take a random guess, your list might include parameters such as: 

  • A platform where conversion is done with great care, preserving the original style and layout while maintaining the original resolution.
  • A product that has a wide range of features and capabilities.
  • A product that would ideally be free, yet has features that consumers would normally have to pay for.

PDFplatform checks all the boxes. Not only is the platform free to use, but it’s also easy to use; it’s got a simple UI, it has a plethora of features, and it doesn’t compromise on quality in any shape or form. There may be multiple Nitro PDF alternatives on the list, but the one that stands out from the rest is PDFplatform. 
Want to see what all the hype is about? Check out the product!